Consider helping out in updating the wiki for 3. Solo Self-Found SSF is a feature that marks a character to be unable to interact with other characters, which disables features like trading or partying. Solo Self-Found can be selected by ticking a checkbox in the character selection screen. This is only available after rescuing the Scion in Act 3. An SSF character can only be created on initial character creation, but the SSF flag can be removed from a character at any time.

SSF characters will play in a separate league with their own ladder. Together with the flag this results in the following restrictions:. If the character is no longer SSF, it will be transferred to the non-SSF parent league permanently and the highest level reached within the ladder will be retained, however any further progress will not be accounted for. It is also possible to migrate all characters and league progress to the non-SSF parent league.

Solo Self-Found

Though all Shaper and Elder influences are not transferable when migrating all, including The Elder itself when present on the Atlas. Since it is not possible to trade or interact with other players, it is of utmost importance that a SSF character especially the first in a league is able to clear all act bosses on its own and is able to survive without specific items. Solo self-found historically existed in an unofficial form based on honor.

Characters intended to be SSF would usually have the letters "SSF" somewhere in the name, and unofficial player run ladder websites could be used to enter and track players. Sign In. Updates based on the current game data have begun. From Path of Exile Wiki.

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All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO.View Staff Posts Post Reply. Seems like some people have massive issues in higher content with the current setup, while others have none at all, and at this point I see no other solution than completely reworking everything to an unoriginal copy paste of the current Archmage meta.

Not really feeling to do that so I don't know, set your expectations around this piece of information. It's not the strongest caster build out there, but it perfectly fits the niche I want it to be in. Instead of just showcasing a build, this guide is made to be a comprehensive learning experience. There's many indepth explanations and links to various wiki pages for new players to understand.

I've tried to keep it short, but some things just can't be explained properly with only a few words. Don't be fooled by this guides age! I'm updating it for every league and change the build if needed, in total it must've been over 20 vastly different Arc builds since creating the guide.

This also means that you can ignore any comments up until Pageas they won't apply to the current build setup. If you have any questions, please ask them in this thread or my stream! It was obvious to me that both gems take specific investment to be worth the opportunity cost and that Archmage isn't going to work well with spammed skills, and both turned out to be true.

However, the support seems to work great with an Unleash setup and with some research you will find a guide for that. So in the end I went with the safer option, which was to exclude both and go with an Eldritch Battery setup instead. To my surprise, both gems do work with ES spent, unlike Arcane Surge or Inspiration, but their effect is still based on your current unreserved mana, which in our case is 0 or close to it and with that their effect is expectedly bad.

For the next content update 3. I know that some people jump straight to the PoB without ever reading the guide, which often leads to failure and is then blamed on the build. Don't be that person! I've invested lots of time into this guide and find it very rude when people just disregard that and ask about things that are already well explained.

This unfortunately keeps happening. Main Mechanics in this Build. Each time it chains, it will also split to a second nearby enemy from where it can't chain further. The amount of times Arc can chain depends on its gem level and can be increased by enchantments. The former decides if your hit crits or not, the latter decides by how much its damage is amplified.View Staff Posts Post Reply. Hi all, Beerleague back with another requested guide. This build guide has been requested from the forums, reddit and poe.

I'm going to go ahead and assume that the reason this build guide has been requested so much is because people haven't been satisfied with the weak top end of the life based builds and the poor survival of the Eternity Shroud builds. Quick Info before getting going. This build guide is intended to be used for any mine skill barring Purifying Flame as the gearing is a bit different. With that said, the general build guide works for any ES based miner.

The one thing that has changed from 3. I would recommend using the Prism Guardian setup now over the machina mitts setup anyway with the added tankiness of mobs. In terms of best mine skill, I dont think there really is one. I would rank them in terms of clear, safety and dps. Other skills like Arc have good clear, but take too much investment at the high end to be viable and do not provide a good defensive layer once you get there. Ball Lightning and Pyroclast are best on a budget or at league start because they provide great dps, and are able to take down most anything even with terrible gear.

Once you start acquiring more gear, GC and Icicle start to shine as they have more than enough DPS and also provide a great freeze mechanic to help you survive. So, there are quite a few nice additions for the build in terms of general power, but the trap and mine jewels are a bit lack luster. I would suggest an aura jewel and a flat ES jewel like the ones I link below.

This is a HUGE benefit for the build as it allows us to keep our dps really high and survive just about anything through leech. Highly recommend using an ES jewel alongside an aura effect jewel.

poe ssf builds reddit

You can experiment with some of the large jewels and trap and mine jewels, but crit and mine damage is already hyper efficient on the tree and doesnt require much travel. I havent been able to find a way to use them without losing dps or losing a ton of EHP. If you have found a good way to drop some trap or mine nodes, lmk in the guide. Megalomaniacs are also interesting for the build as they can give some passives that we would normally want, but would have to use large jewels to get. The two knockback passives have good synergy with the build as well - Would recommend if you can find a good one.

Pros: Incredible Boss killer - even on a budget Quick Mapping Speed Can do any map mod without worry Has insane gear scaling Very high survival with multiple defensive layers Very good at clearing league mechanics Cons: Mines may not be a playstyle for everyone Not as fast as something like raider but can be under certain circumstances.

Wanted to showcase a less than ideal kill for those in HC. Wanted to showcase the clear and single target dps. Was just going to kill 4, but elder influence popped in the middle so I thought why not.

Solo Self-Found

Fair warning, the video would be around 10 minutes long if not for me interacting with the league mechanic as on each map I just stand there and turret for a minute and a half or so. Also, the video is using Pierce gem - if people want, I'll record one with Chain. The clear is better, but to be honest they are both so fast it really isnt too noticeable.

I believe the video is 6 or 7 consecutive T16s, lots of different maps and mods, I tried to not really filter the maps for anything in particular.

Its fast, but you can see the difference for sure when looking at it from 3.View Staff Posts Post Reply. This is a list of up-to-date Maraurder build guides. KorgothBG came up with the original idea with his marauder builds list, which was later continued by Bockris. I want to thank them for their time which they gave willingly to the Path of Exile community and I look forward to carrying on his great work.

Special thanks to Tahreyn, KorgothBG, Bockris and hamoo for their outgoing way to help me with making the banners for the page Please if you have any advice or questions PM me! Uber Elder on 5l Blade Flurry B [ 3.

poe ssf builds reddit

Spiders Arakaali J [ 3. Warchief Blade Flurry B [ 3. Poet's Pen J [ 3. Detailed guide about Facebreaker builds! Flicker Strike How to Flicker. Two Handed Weapon Edition! Terminus Est Edition!

Consecrated Path C [ 3. Quote this Post. Posted by katmos on Jan 24,PM. Would like to see my newest Guide in the list ; [3. I tried to be as understandable as possible like in all my guides. This build is made for all marauder ascendancys so your can choose wich one you like to most.

There is also a Boss Compilation Video inside to show how viable this build is in Endgame and Mapping. Best would be to take a look for yourself and decide if it fits in the list or not : greetings. Posted by guggelhupf on Jan 25,AM. Hi, I renamed my build: [3. Please update the name of the build in the list. Posted by katmos on Feb 5,AM. Please add tags like [HC] to mention if HC viable or not. Posted by kan3 on Feb 6,PM.

Posted by x2 on Feb 23,AM. Posted by Anguslinden on Mar 4,AM. I would like my budget league starter Tectonic Slam Juggernaut guide to be added to the list. Forum Index Code of Conduct Search.With the highly anticipated Path of Exile 3. Unlike 3. While builds that can both clear well and boss are included in this overview, a solid starter will probably want to focus more on area clear than single target.

Impale was not changed at all! Yes, Summoners were hit, but with the Cluster Jewel enhancements available, they are still rock solid especially Zombies and will perform exceptionally this league! While the biggest hit to the Zombie build was the nerf on Spirit Offering and lack of elemental resistances from Bone Barrier which is now Chaos, which is actually goodthe summoner builds will do just fine!

To clarify, with the introduction of Cluster Jewelsevery build in the game is going to have the potential of evolving beyond any currently defined guide, but it will take time for the enhanced version of a build to be refined which can only happen after the 3. As time passes, build guides will be updated to include the expanded growth and use of Cluster Jewels. As that happens, the content provided herein will be updated accordingly. Skip Straight to the list! This includes verifying their performance while leveling on as little as a 3-link to Act IV, their overall survival, bossing, clear speed, and scaling potential based on the first and second day of the league which is often more SSF for players until the market grows and stabilizes.

Relative to this overview, I want to acknowledge how important play style is.

Some people hate totems while others only play totem builds. Some like Melee while others love bow builds. The diversity of PoE is one of its greatest features, but also one of the most complex aspects of the game. Path of Building is required to view many of the below builds. Additionally, make sure you have a good loot filter. One thing to keep in mind is 3. I created the above list of builds based on my personal experience from 3. Everyone thought Summoners would be nerfed hard in 3. Even with the nerfs to Summoners in 3.

In addition to the above, here are the qualifiers I used to put together the list:.View Staff Posts Post Reply. Bladestorm Berserker Morning guys Moorhuhn here. This Buildguide is a constant work in progress so everything is subject to change. We hit. We kill. This character glances at insane speed, crazy damage and nice surviveability. With very little gear requirements and lots of potential you can reach endgame and destroy it on a budget and in ssf. No direct stuff that affects this build.

For the cluster jewels there are many interesting nodes but nobody can make a solid opinion on that so there needs to be some testing done. The long builduptime from "Rite of Ruin" is not very helpful and currently its all about oneshot or get oneshot 3.

As far as we know there are no significant changes for 3. While it gives less area than before it provides more damage. Should go unnoticed. Maybe less swapping for higher bosses even. Berserker got nerfed by quite a bit. For anointments there are multiple options. If you have the resources and just want damage go for "ambidexterity" or "disemboling". As an early cheap version go for "Diamond Skin". If you need life later in the game go for blood drinker. If you have more ideas for good anointments let me know.

poe ssf builds reddit

All of the experiences I wrote or said came from my personal opinion which relies heavily on my muscle memory. After further testing and talking to people multistrike turns out to be a quite viable support gem.

My muscle memory however does not like moving before leap slamming which heavily contradicts to the multistrike playstyle.

Multistrike might be fine for you as is for many others. This build uses the Blood and Sand stances very actively. Bladestorm has 2 different stances, the bloodstorm and the sandstorm stance. The sandstorm provides a larger area and movement speed while you are walking inside. It is moving towards enemies The bloodstorm provides a massive attack speed boost but a smaller area.

It is stale and does not move Changing the stance does change our auras as well. Blood and sand gives more AoE in the sand stance and more damage in the blood stance Flesh and stone blind's nearby enemies while in sand stance and inflicts a powerful maim when in blood stance. This gets even stronger with the maim support.

Con's: - Not able to run phys reflect at all - Has to go quite melee - Needs a short ramp up time due to rage which can suck on some bosses - The build is much better if you commit on actually using your whole skillbar.Due to the scope, challenge and difficulty of in-game trading, many players are beginning to embrace Solo Self Found SSFa gameplay style where a player never trades or groups with other people, only using the items they find.

While SSF is currently only enforced through choice, GGG recently announced they are adding a SSF mode to the game with the next league releasewhich means new challenges and achievements for those who are willing to go it alone.

poe ssf builds reddit

Players cannot buy items to balance their resists, acquire key uniques for specific builds, and are solely reliant on their use of crafting resources paired with luck and how they play the game. The first thing a player embracing SSF must do is realize they will probably never be able to pursue the majority of end-game builds that require specific unique items.

Want to play Pentagolem? Not going to happen. Want to pursue that awesome ES build that requires a 6L Shavronnes? Good luck with that. Not only will you probably never see the gems key to the Pentagolem build, a player will probably never see Shavronnes, let alone be able to 6L it.

On the flip side, if a player does get lucky and a very rare unique serving as the cornerstone of a custom build drops, a new character and experience can be pursued. The good news is all play as SSF builds some aspect of progress. Progress is constantly made, often when it feels like there is none. Following a build guide is always good for new and even experienced players as very few are capable of building viable end-game builds that can explore the entire atlas and get all the way to and defeat Shaper.

And with SSF we have the added complexity of not being able to trade to acquire key unique items that make all the difference in a build. This gives 12 tabs outside of the currency, divination and essence tabs plus the default 4. That should be enough to really get started, but SSF takes a LOT of storage space since you must save items for alternative builds.

Storage is king with SSF. A top notch Loot Filter is also very important. There are 10 builds I personally recommend a player considers when starting to play SSF. Each of these builds works very well without any uniques, have excellent scaling based on progression, and should be able to carry the player to T10 maps and beyond.

I have played each of these builds except the trapper build, which was referred to me by another veteran PoE player. Note I have linked the particular build I recommend for each one below, but there are variations available on the Path of Exile Build Browser.

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