While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. You know that tiktok trend where girlfriends walk into their boyfriends room naked while their boyfriend is playing games? Well, I hope ya do. DIO finally grows tired of you and Kakyoin becoming so close.

He decides to take matters into his own hands, while also having a little fun. Name lives in Italy with her family.

She then went to Japan to aid the Joestars as chaos starts within for 50 days during their journey to Egypt to defeat Dio. The original anon for Kitsune! I hope you all love reading this filthy smut as I loved writing it! I EwNasty do not give my permission for my work to be posted or hosted on any third-party website or app.

Never in your life did you think you something this bizarre would happen to you, but the summer of was a wild one. After being dragged out to Egypt by a group who called themselves the 'Speedwagon Foundation', you are found to posses a rare and deadly talent. But they are not the only ones keeping an eye out for you, a shadow from your forgotten past still lives on. Dio x fem! Your professor was Noriaki Kakyoin, a Japanese professor known by all of the students yet mysterious to all, his odd yet endearing aura pushing away those who try to come close to him.

How would this semester or the next end? Thank you so much for the feedback it's what keeps me going and inspires me to keep on writing! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to train in Hamon and fall in love? Or perhaps you were curious if a Stand could help you find 'the' one. Maybe you're just a normal going person, and suddenly find yourself with a wonderful person.

Well you're in the right place for any of those, because this is Jojo's Bizzare Dating: Scenario Galore. This is a collection of works ranging from literal cloud fluff, up to tooth aching sweet.

Hope you enjoy the adventure! These are just posts that I've stolen off of my tumblr and put on here. If y'all wanna ask me something go onto my tumblr account yungmellona. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure AU. All JoJo's are alive, in the same time. I want it to be more of a hopefully good story, not one based around the anime, but more so Also, Stands will NOW exist. Previously they weren't, but I have made up my mind and am allowing them to be a part of this.

Don't worry, I've got it covered. Bruno's date. Haha you know what'd be crazy? If you went on a walk and ran into Jotaro and Kakyoin, and they caught you following them, and they invited you to hang out. Bro, that's crazy hahahahahahahelpme. Hope y'all enjoy and you can request for characters up to part 5, currently reading part 6 but haven't quite got the characters down yet! He has more than enough things in his life as a child, but the perfect life he wanted was easily ruined by your smile.

Top of Work Index.Reader will start to appear from chapter 1 onwards!! Jotaro leaned comfortably against the cushion, his eyes scanning the textbook that rested on his legs.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Now Kakyoin looked up, his curiosity sufficiently piqued. Where are you going? Sea animals seem a lot less annoying than human coworkers. Kakyoin chuckled lightly and shook his head. Jotaro glanced at his friend with the slightest hint of incredulity. And it would all start at the shot of a gleaming arrow. As I was reading some headcanons about him a couple days ago, I remembered something somebody said to me when I was a freshman in high school.

I made a harmless joke about them dating, as the two of them had been the center of gossip all year because of how much PDA they showed and got in trouble forand in response I received some of the cruelest words anyone has ever said to me in my entire life. In fact, he scarcely had friends, instead remaining close with his family until his new life as an assassin pulled him away from home.

Whenever Melone and Formaggio, and occasionally some other members of La Squadra, disappeared at night to visit lovers, Risotto always found himself still at the base, his black-and-crimson gaze locked on the ceiling tiles over the couch. Keep reading. At long last, it was your first day of college.

With a rather tame schedule of twelve hours to start out your college career, you found yourself already walking to your 10 am Wednesday class: introductory chemistry.

Before you lay a vast expanse of chairs, expanding up as if you were in a massive theater. I can tell. It was late Monday evening, several days after the project with Kakyoin and Jotaro had been assigned.

You were the only customers left; everyone else had already returned to their dorms and apartments as the time creeped later and later into the night. Last you looked at the clock, it had read pm—and you were relatively certain that was over an hour ago. At your feet rested the small figure of Iggy, who let out an occasional snore as his flank rose and fell.

You glanced around, taking in the amusing sight that lay before you.

Jotaro is a Dirty Memer

Polnareff was splayed out across the floor like a starfish, a small trail of drool running down from his gaping mouth. A few feet in the opposite direction, you spotted Dove curled up in a ball, resting against a borrowed pillow.

jjba headcanons

Finally, you spotted Mr. A rumbling snore rose from his throat as he shifted slightly in his sleep, raising an arm to block the sunlight coursing through the window toward his eyes. Chapter 2. Chapter 1. Kakyoin shook his head slightly. The sudden sound of rustling bushes caused the men to stop in their tracks and glance to the side of the walkway. Chapter 3. Stand arrows—ancient relics with the power to awaken psychic manifestations of the fighting spirit called Stands in those who were worthy… it sounded too outlandish to be true, but Shape Of My Heart existed, so how could you deny it?

If the Stand arrows sounded crazy to you, there was no way you could even put into words your thoughts on the fifty-day odyssey Jotaro, Kakyoin, and their companions embarked upon to kill a century-old vampire who could stop time.Just hearing the word made you all cozy and warm.

It was one of your favorite seasons. The season of change. The pumpkin spice flavor in your latte glided over your palette, the faint hint of cinnamon calming you.

Your assailant moved his hands away, giving you the gift of sight once more. Kakyoin's violet-hued eyes gazed down at you, his smile filled with only the purest of affections.

He leaned down and planted a soft kiss on your brow, its warmth making you blush. He takes his seat opposite you, noticing the porcelain cup in front of him, "Green tea? The autumn leaves cascaded around you. The tiny whirlpools of crimson, gold and mandarin created such a whimsical sight.

You felt a gentle squeeze on your hand, the corners of your lips curving. Your gaze rose, seeing your handsome boyfriend of 3 years. Kakyoin always looks so good in the fall: His deep green sweater blended nicely with the myriad of fall colors and his rose-colored hair swayed with each crunching step. At moments you would get envious stared from others.

Kakyoin inhaled, the crisp autumn air generously filling his lungs. His eyes marveled at the warm-hued trees, feeling complete calm. He closed his eyes for a moment, remembering the very first time you both had come there. You acted so shy, you could barely hold his hand without turning crimson. He cherished that memory.

jotaro x reader x kakyoin lemon

His hand grazed something in his pocket, its velvety texture making his heart pound a bit. You were surprised by how many fall-esque activities Kakyoin had planned: a warm cider tasting, a fun autumn crafts workshop, a tour of an authentic pumpkin farm and a romantic hayride.

You felt slightly guilty as you wondered exactly how much money he had spent to plan all of that. No wonder he asked to meet him so early. You did so, your heart beating as you anticipated his surprise. His warm hands touch your shoulders, giving you a small push, "This way.However, you also make an interesting meeting with his grandson, Kujo Jotaro.

Series: Part 1 of Psychic Series. It seemed every time Buccerati invited them somewhere they found themselves coming on to one another. Nothing came of it so far but Giorno anticipated that one of these days, it would.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Perhaps not tonight though, since again, this night was all about him. A fic in which Giorno just wants to unwind from a stressful week of work at his favorite nightclub Passione with Bruno and the gang.

But will be disrupted by his crush on Mista, thanks to the art of dance and sexual tension. Jotaro exhales sharply, removing a hand from the steering wheel and using it to pinch the bridge of his nose. Within that mentally-shared crawlspace, he stumbled upon some runes carved into the walls that were as direct as something found in the dark could be. For someone like Jotaro, though, it may as well have been a torch illuminating the entire scene.

Posts Questions Submit a fic Archive. BucciaratiOmega! See this in the app Show more.Hello and thank you for clicking into this!

jotaro x reader x kakyoin lemon

I got so embarrassed writing this but there's always a first so please tell me if it's interesting or really bad. I love this ship so I hope you do too okay so enjoy! Both students were walking in the hall ways to the next class. A normal day in highschool, considering what the pair is capable of doing, like summoning or battling or even gambling on their lives but Kakyoin and Jotaro wanted to attend school even after their unforgettable adventure.

The tall red haired student turned to the source of noise. Jotaro walked up, still wearing his iconic hat indoors and his own accessories on his favourite uniform to school despite the rules. Kakyoin admired his sense of style that he brings to school even if he doesn't want the female attention he gets where ever he goes.

Most girls in the classes complain that he's too cold because he always keeps that expression and he should be more open. Kakyoin smiled at the thought for a second. He seems to be the only one who can read his expressions like Jotaro believes most people do but he understands what he's thinking. Why, are the girls giving you a headache Jotaro?

But where do you want to hide for a bit then? Kakyoin sat next to him and hugged his legs while looking out to the clear sky. Oh yeah, I should just go to an all boys but I couldn't be bothered by now'' Jotaro sighed. Jotaro thought for a bit and then sat up, like the other boy. Jotaro moved himself closer beside Kakyoin and kept his eyes on him. The redhead found himself going red from the sudden closeness. He leaned closer and pecked his cheek, feeling the heat of his face with the quick contact of his lips.

The two boys held the contact for a while until Kakyoin shyly responded back. It was a simple, innocent kiss; Jotaro didn't want to startle him too much. He slipped his arm around Kakyoin's waist and another behind his head and moved in again. He smashed his mouth on against Kakyoin's soft, pink lips and he let out a small moan at Jotaro's impulsive action.

Kakyoin gave up and decided to go along, so he ringed his arms around Jotaro's thick neck and tried to sit closer. Both gasped as their chests were pressed together. Both felt their body heat together and they liked the comfort of each other. Jotaro noticed that Kakyoin was momentarily distracted and licks his lips with his tongue.

jotaro x reader x kakyoin lemon

As predicated, the redhead opens his mouth to gasp and Jotaro struck his tongue in his mouth. Kakyoin felt odd, he's never been kissed like this before.

He felt the tip of Jotaro's tongue working and searching in his mouth. Kakyoin felt a bit light headed because he didn't how to breathe at the moment so he opens his mouth wider to let in some air but allowing Jotaro to go even further. He held the redhead's chin and angled his head so Jotaro could find every nook and cranny of Kakyoin's hot cavern. His tongue caressed and rubbed the roof of his mouth and Kakyoin was becoming dizzier with the lack of oxygen to his head and how hard Jotaro was pressing against him.

Jotaro hummed, happy with Kakyoin's cute reactions as he could tell he was trying his best not to make noises since they were in open area. I'll just have to push him a bit more Jotaro travelled his hands downwards and bent his head, licking and kissing Kakyoin's neck.No, of course not.

He tries to hide his face as well like with his scarf, just anything to hide the fact that he got like that around you and remain level-headed yet, he still finds himself fondly smiling at you as you do so. Soon enough he will just you wait. Seeing small things you do, like being affectionate with SF encourages him to do that. Can i maybe req some Yandere! Kars and Yandere! Jotaro separately of course lmao with a sickly and feeble fem!

Nobody ever brought it up, but he knows that he did it. Thinking about it ruins his whole week. Joseph slipped getting out of the shower, hit his head on the toilet, and knocked himself out cold. When he woke up, ass naked and face down on the floor, Caesar and Suzie Q were wheezing over his body. He cracked the bowl. He was in his thirties. Josuke pretended to faint to get out of a test. He got all the way to the hospital before he had to come clean and beg the doctors not to tell his teachers and mom what happened.

When he was in class one day, he kept letting out silent farts. Nobody could pinpoint the origin, but the smell was overwhelming. The class had to be moved for the day because the boy behind him ended up throwing up. Jolyne did her splits at a party to impress a girl, but she pulled her groin and had to be hospitalized. Somebody put it on Twitter. Johnny crashed what he thought was a normal party because the food smelled good, but it turned out to be a funeral.

What kind of people barbecue for a funeral? Once he realizes that sunlight really burns your skin, he accepts the truth. He plays along, thoroughly enjoying himself. It was about time you figured out he was into vampires! But when he runs his finger along one of your fangs and it actually cuts him, his face goes even whiter than usual. He feels an intense mixture of horniness and fear. The rest of the night will consist of him affirming his love for you while trying to dance around the subject of his vampire fetish.

Mista flips the fuck out. This man is terribly superstitious and has an encyclopedic knowledge of spooky things to be afraid of. Once you get him to calm down, though, he resolves to be supportive. The next day, he gifts you a ridiculously huge sunhat so that you can go outside together during the day. Telling Narancia is… a mistake. He immediately demands that you turn into a bat.

Your body is technically dead, after all. Giorno becomes far more protective after he learns about your vampirism, despite the fact that you can heal naturally. Fugo is the ultimate skeptic. You prove it by showing him your fangs up close. Fugo sits quietly for a while, processing what he just learned. Originally posted by jootaros.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

polnareff x avdol

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. I love how you encourage me to sin more and more with our nasty little AUs, so thank you for giving me the chance to write this delicious filth! I EwNasty do not give my permission for my work to be posted or hosted on any third-party website or app. NO angst or Non-Con. Aged up characters only. NO kinks that are detrimental to anyone's health.

jotaro x reader x kakyoin lemon

I only take requests for the characters currently listed in the tags at the moment. I am NOT taking anymore requests so that I can work on other stand alone works. Thank you for your understanding! Araki, please support the original release. Readers belong to themselves. Your Professors decide to show you how they used to play with each other when you weren't part of their triad.

Jotaro and Kakyoin are tired of their little human mate constantly trying to leave the nest when it's obvious they need the two nagas to take care of them. They decide it's time to fill her up with their brood. In theory that should be easy, it was a step by step instruction, really.

After becoming an unlikely duo in high school through some strange coincidence, Jotaro and Kakyoin decide to give college a try. The best course of action was to, of course, rent a house for their time at college but they needed to turn their duo into a trio and find a roommate.

Giving Jotaro zero choice in accepting you as their roommate, seeing as you were the only person to actually reply, their new college life can finally begin. What they never expected to find was a fellow Stand User and a female as their new roommate.

You've never been a morning person, but you can't say no to Jolyne. If the girl wants pancakes, your family is getting pancakes. Or: A sleepy weekend morning, you and Jolyne team up for breakfast before the rest of her parents are awake.

You've been avoiding your Professors and they want to have a talk about it with you. When his two best friends are too busy to know what's good for them, the nurturing side of Jotaro comes out a bit for his own good as well. Ideal for when you feel stranded and want somebody to take care of you sob sob sob I wrote this during my summer exam session, bringing it back because sob do I look like I'm done??

Written in second person: for readers who identify as any gender. A perverted monkey sandwiches an innocent girl in between two love interests. She just wanted to shower. Top of Work Index.

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