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ge es44ac operating manual

Please read this section now, before proceeding to other sections of this Manual. A brief description of the equipment is also included.

GE GLD5600N00BB dishwasher manual

Comments are appreciated. Operating Display —1. Auxiliary Display. The Manual Section where the precaution is located is listed at the lower right—hand of the precaution. The precautions are repeated where applicable throughout the manual.

The diesel engine may start without operator action. Exercise caution when working around the diesel engine, traction alternator, or Radiator Cab. Ensure that AESS is disabled before performing any maintenance on the locomotive. Failure to do so may result in death or serious personal injury. Do not attempt to operate unit until condition has been repaired.

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The operator must verify that the hand brake is properly applied prior to leaving the locomotive unattended per Railroad Operating Procedures. Therefore, before entering the Auxiliary Cab, raise the Barrier Bar to the vertical position. If this situation occurs, the train must be stopped and the brake pipe recharged to the railroad particular setting. Failure to comply with this warning may result in the inability to control or stop the train. Motor driven air compressor has hot surfaces and may automatically operate at any time with diesel engine running.

The brake pipe line is to be open throughout the train. Failure to comply with this procedure could result in the inability to control or stop the train.Showing Product Types 1 - 50 of Air Cleaner Manuals. Support See Prices. Air Conditioner Manuals. Answering Machine Manuals. Appliance Trim Kit Manuals.

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ge es44ac operating manual

Caller ID Box Manuals. Camcorder Manuals. Camera Accessories Manuals. Camera Flash Manuals. Can Opener Manuals. Car Amplifier Manuals. Car Stereo System Manuals. Car Video System Manuals.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Manuals. Carpet Cleaner Manuals.The model is part of the " Evolution Series " also known simply as a "GEVO" ; the current locomotive line from the company, and is also considerably the leading diesel locomotive model of the locomotive industry as it has received numerous awards and nominations, along with surpassing sales of past and preceding models such as the SD Over 4, or so have been built over the last decade with over 5, total from the actual series or line; and countingand many are still currently being manufactured as of today; more-so than its rival: the EMD SD70ACe.

Many variants also exist, and have been built for export to numerous foreign nations such as Brazil, Kazakhstan, Australia, and Egypt.

It is the initial successor to the ACCW. Although they were nearly flawless upon their initial introduction, they unfortunately suffered numerous technical difficulties regarding some of the computer software which was previously implemented on the ACCW, as well as having suffered numerous electrical issues.

Upon successful troubleshooting with UP's testbeds, the ES44AC became an instant success and green-lit production with GE by placing an order consisting of a total of units numberedbut eventually renumbered UP has since received a total of more than 1, units in recent years; a record-breaking amount for GE.

Though, numerous running changes have since occurred upon the first deliveries of units beginning sometime in Such changes revolving around the electronics, controls, and microprocessor software; aside from the cab size as of : making the more recent models dubbed as a " C45AH " " H " meaning, " heavy "which are very similar and reminiscent to CSX's specialty ES44AH units as well as bearing some similarities to the UP's recent SD70AH fleet acquisition from EMD.

During that same year, a revolutionary variant of the ES44AC debuted: the A1A-trucked ES44C4which is a six-axle, four-motor version of the AC-traction ES44AC which consists of a classic configuration which was commonly found or prominent on most early, first-generation six-axle diesels like EMD's E units having the center axle unpowered with the remaining four on opposing axles powered with individual traction motors. CSX on the other-hand, didn't become interested in placing orders until after the last remaining ES44DC now classified as "ES40DC" as a result of being de-rated to 4,hp was delivered sometime in early Such changes revolved around the revival of the AC radial truck or "AC-truck" as opposed to the conventional or more common "hi-AD" truck and the implementation of "High Tractive Effort" software, as well as including a unique feature known as a "rail cleaner": which blows air across the railhead to clear leaves, snow and moisture to help the locomotive maintain steady pulling power.

Thus, making their exclusive ES44AC variant known as the " ES44AH " the " H " meaning, " heavy ", " high ", or " High Tractive Effort "which is considerably heavier compared to other units of the latter weighed atlbs.

For CP, the railway ordered their earlier ES44AC units numbered with the self-steering radial truck, but eventually declined and resorted to the more affordable or cheaper to maintain "hi-AD" truck to utilize on their later units ranging from They currently operate a total of units for use in general service alongside their ACCW's. Iowa Interstate IAIS was one of the first Class 2 railroads or regionals in the United States to purchase new, GE diesels for the first time in many years, on top of purchasing their very first entirely new, non-second hand diesels.

The railroad has since received 14 units. In an enthusiastic move, the railroad painted one of their units IAIS into an livery reminiscent of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Rock Island railroad, Who's former trackage they operate on. One other unit in particular IAISwas also painted in an livery reminiscent of another version of the Rock Island's paintscheme to celebrate the regional's 30th anniversary.

The units are numbered for the years that Penn State University won national college football championships. NS Norfolk Southern painted 10 of their ES44AC units in which they acquired in for the company's 20th anniversary into paintschemes dedicating fallen flags on their system: defunct railroads which no longer operate, and are known as "heritage units".

The heritage units wear schemes designed by artist Andy Fletcher. Kansas City Southern's newer ES44AC units have similar updated features that are included with UP's C45AH's, such as improved lighting, reduction of hazards having a better frame designand strengthened accessories: such as having improved collision posts, an improved anti-climber, and an improved fuel tank design.

The road decided to place an order of 60 ES44AC's inand additional 45 in late These units are the first completely new locomotives purchased by the company since Duringthey successfully completed numerous demonstrations on UP; most notably on Donner Pass. Said demonstrators are actually ET44AC testbeds, and are scheduled to end their demonstration tours or runs by late or early Tests and demonstrations are currently underway, for GE and EMD have both attempted to experiment with LNG-fueled diesel locomotives like with what they initially attempted 20 years earlier.

It should be noted that the production version of the ET44AC is noticeably different compared to its testbed counter-part, for it retains the previous hood design, only fitted with a cooling and exhaust system that includes an improved design having a distinct "box" with vents and grilles to reduce exhaust fumes and engine noises as well as emissions. Unlike its predecessorthe ES44AC has a conventional control stand as opposed to the more common desktop control stand found on most other wide-cab diesel locomotives.

Said units have since been replaced. UP was the 5,th GEVO officially built, and once wore special banners to prove it until they were removed in August UP is specially numbered and painted to sponsor the th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America scouting organization for young boys.Advanced Search. Forum TrainSim. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date May Posts I'm posting the link mainly for the Run8 users so they can see for themselves if the program is realistic or not.

Normally I wouldn't post this kind of info here but it's out there for anyone who can do a Google search. I have no clue who or what web site this resides on and I take no responsibility for the link or what you do with the document. Join Date Nov Posts 1, Link just shows a jpg file for me no manual no nothing.

Originally Posted by mdeming. Larry Steiner Grand Rapids, Michigan. Posts Originally Posted by PC. Here is something I found on the internet for all of the train simulator users out there. Try this link I'm not sure what the problem is you guys are having. The link is good.

Union Pacific GE ES44AC triplet hauled manifest!

Make sure you have the plugin for Adobe Reader installed in your internet browser. Originally Posted by bnsf John G Run8 Programmer. Join Date Sep Location. Posts 2, Apparently, pasting direct links wont work, you have to google the phrase. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Com Archive. All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved. Com Inc.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Train Simulator Store Page.

Global Achievements. For all those that have wished for a quality sound replacement packs for US locomative like those availble for the UK Diesel and Steam - your wait is over. I read about this sound and physics enhancement pack this afternoon and decided to go for it - Ths pack replaces the stock sounds provided for the ES44 locomotive models and all I can say is WOW!

Professionally recorded by Anthony Wood and Joshua Byers on real prototypes utilizing lossless PCM recorders, the engine sound thunders under load, and you can hear the engine work while in the cabin, while retaining the true-to-life audio levels to retain comfort levels for operating members.

With physics and simulation being developed hand in hand with Searchlight Simulations, the locomotives come with never before seen features. Locomotive RPM Simulation that uses exact values taken from the prototype per specific situations such as throttle and reverser position. Air Dryer simulation based upon Graham White's series air dryers. Wheelslip and Slip Power Limitation simulation that reduces tractive effort output and applies sand in order to regain traction.

AESS system that stops your prime mover if conditions are met and idle time exceeds 10 minutes. As well as features that are becoming standard in professional DLCs like: Functioning, user selectable Alerter.

Current Version: V1. Last edited by LeadCatcher ; 19 Aug, pm. Showing 1 - 15 of 30 comments. Gracias, will be getting this shortly Originally posted by trev :.

Sorry just deleted my post as I thought it was the wrong link. Your link above at the top when I paste it into a browser comes up page not found. Last edited by trev ; 19 Aug, pm. It would be great if developers or some kind user posted some video or even sound recording so we could evaluate this product; Nevertheless thank you LeadCatcher for giving the heads up!

There is a video on the developer's web-site.

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On a train at the moment but will link it in this evening. I found it very immersive with the sounds - on par with Armstrong Power House and Steam Sound Supreme for what that is worth. Thanks LeadCatcher! But these additional features looks very tempting!

GE VISION Line ES44AC Owner's Manual

How do you get the distance counter to work? Originally posted by firefytr :. Growler View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by paweuek :.

Last edited by Growler ; 20 Aug, pm. Last edited by TheMadHatter ; 20 Aug, pm. LeadCatcher Hi my friend.A DCC-ready version is also available. The prototype. More than 3, Evolution Series diesels are in service around the world. The model. The remote-opening couplers are a scale foot longer than prototype measurements. User-installed Kadee- compatible non-remote couplers with shorter shanks are included.

Our review sample is decorated as GECX no. This version operates like any other ES44AC but features on-board batteries that capture some of the energy dissipated during dynamic braking.

Demonstrator no. The Evolution Hybrid paint scheme on the model features sharp color separation and matches prototype photos. Warning stencils and other paint details are properly placed, including the United States Department of Energy seal on both sides of the locomotive. Separately applied plastic detail parts include the m.

The handrails, horn, and side intake grills are separate metal parts. The locomotive cab is detailed with separate windshield wipers, sun shades, and rear view mirrors. Two painted crew figures occupy the interior. DCC-ready versions of the ES44AC include instructions for removing the body shell by disengaging four locking tabs around the bottom of the fuel tank.

I tested the locomotive with several DCC systems, and it accelerated smoothly to a top speed of 80 scale mph. The prototype has a 75 mph top speed. Setting the DCC throttle to speed steps offered much finer control, especially at low speed.

ge es44ac operating manual

Using this setting, the model crept along smoothly at 1 scale mph in speed step 1. The model can also be programmed on the main or on a programming track.

A modeler can also program preset or custom speed tables. The DCS board supports CVs 19, 21, 22, 23, and 24 for advance consist addresses, function controls, and consist momentum. Including the headlight, the ES44AC features 29 user-triggered functions. Functions 7 and 8 open the knuckles of the front and rear Proto-Couplers. I remapped function buttons 3 and 4 so that I could manually notch the prime mover sounds independent of the locomotive speed. To my ear, the ProtoSound 3.Digital Solution Finder.

Digital Solution Experience. Driving high-tech change across the rail industry to reduce costs, streamline operations and increase performance. The Evolution locomotive is the most technologically advanced, diesel-electric, heavy-haul locomotive in the world today.

Railway Interchange is the largest combined railway exhibition and technical conference in North America. Attended by nearly 10, industry professionals from around the globe, this truly massive…. The Evolution Series Locomotive is the most technologically advanced, diesel-electric, heavy-haul locomotive in the world today. The Powerhaul Series Locomotive is one of our most technologically advanced, fuel-efficient and low-emissions diesel-electric freight locomotives.

Designed to improve tractive effort, fuel efficiency, and reliability while minimizing life cycle costs using real-time data. With the global locomotive services of GE Transportation, customers get the right support right when they need it with a goal of increasing product reliability, improving asset utilization and reducing operating expenses. Learn more.

Read more. Meeting Stringent Emission Standards. After near.

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