I did not mean for this to become a post where I'd give free candle readings to people -- please read the article so you can do your own interpretations! In the past I've posted about reading magic spell divinations from candle waxbut today I post about the related topic: reading magical divinations from candle smoke. Reading omens of candle smoke is done usually when one burns a glass-encased candle rather than a standalone candle, since the glass is what captures the soot from the candle smoke, thereby making it easier to "read" how the candle burned over its course, without having to sit and observe the candle the entire time that it burns.

Smoke reading can be done on freestanding candles as well, but it's not as typical since it requires either a very small candle or a very long attention span. Smoke coming from spell candles is generally but not always viewed negatively; Samantha Stevens writes"In general, when you first light the candle, if the candle starts smoking quite heavily right away that is a very good sign.

It means that negative energy is being removed from the situation. If the smoke is white, it means your prayers will be answered right away.

What Causes Black Smoke When Burning Candles?

If it is black, your prayer will probably be answered, but it is possible there will be obstacles in a way. You have to use your gut instinct if the flame doesn't smoke at all.

Sometimes that can mean there are no obstacles and other times, it means that the matter is long over. Like most divination methods, there isn't a single agreed-upon meaning for all of this, and it can vary practitioner to practitioner. Hoodoo Momma writes:. It is my experience that the situation will take a series of candles to clear as the spirits are fighting a battle.

They need the continued energy of the flame and perhaps an offering.

black smoke from candle spiritual meaning

Spiritual cleansings are also indicated. My own observation regarding black smoke is similar to Hoodoo Momma's. I find it to usually indicate at least an obstacle, if not even a sign of a major problem. Frequently it turns up when there's some incompatibility with the desires of the spell and the present realities -- I recall one case which may have been my smokiest everwhich was caused when the client was secretly casting Intranquil Spirit spells in addition to the other love work she'd hired me to do: there was an incompatibility between the peaceful love work I was trying to perform and the misery-bringing ways of the Intranquil Spirit.

Another love spell that kept burning black was on the target's Zodiac candle: in that instance, the subject's personality was simply incompatible with the kind of romantic love being asked of him. White smoke I actually don't seem to find to be a lot better than black smoke; if there's a lot of it, it's still a sign of a problem. Some sources indicate that it means the problem is being 'burnt through' and that especially if the smoke stops by the end of the burn, it means the trouble has been cleared.

black smoke from candle spiritual meaning

I don't think I can say I've found that so. An exception to the above, however, can come if there is a shape made in the soot or smoke. A totally black burn with an auspicious shape formed in the smoke can cancel any negative connotations.

I have also seen this happen with client work. Everyone longs to know in advance whether or not their spell will succeed -- this is normal, but we must be cautious not to let it turn into obsession and negativity by overthinking the work. Many people write me, in quite a concern over what sounds to be perfectly normal activity in a candle burn, hoping that I can tell them what it means.The spiritual meaning of seeking black smoke and shadows. Find out what it is in this post.

Photo: Pixabay. Black smoke can have a spiritual meaning and it can be understandably alarming when you see it. Whether wispy or condensed, there could be meaning as to why you see a dark smoke. To begin this post, to cool things down, I first want to talk about a different type of smoke you can see. Dark outline of a human standing in a forest and bright light behind the figure.

An uncrossed-over deceased person also known as an earthbound or ghost. Black smoke, as is white smoke, is often the physical manifestation of a spiritual or energetic situation, they just tend to have different spiritual associations. It is possible for a clairvoyant person, to actually see negative energy being released from their own system as it happens. The dark hat figure is discussed all over the internet, and one theory is that these dark masses are a mirror of your soul releasing energy.

It means you also can see other spiritual entities with your physical eyes. In some cases, the seeing of black smoke is simply serving the purpose to make you aware of your gifts.

Perhaps you have a Spirit present you have to learn to deal with or manage. Perhaps you have an emotional or energetic situation in your life, that needs your attention. Perhaps, you simply need to be made aware that the negative things you were working on getting out of your life, are now being released from you.

I had a friend once who worked as a therapist, and she saw these dark figures.

What is your candle flame telling you? Meanings behind the flame.

Her interpretation was that their presence was awakening her to dark influences that were ready to leave her life. Usually, this is a Light Spirit apparition, such as a Spirit Guide, Angel or crossed-over Family Member attempting to appear and make themselves known to you.

You may also get a positive feeling about this energy, and if you wish to communicate with it, I talk about a bunch of different ways in these blogs:. A meditation series, The Spiritual Gateway Seriesalso goes through the process of connecting you to these lighter and more loving energies. Smoke in a dream could also be a sign that something in your life is being healed, cleared, or purified, as smoke is used in many cultures and traditions for these purposes.

Black smoke could be dark energy either from an entity or residual energy from you, it could also be a Light Spirit casting a shadow.

White smoke is usually a Light Spirit such as a guide, angel or a loved one. Smoke in a dream, any color, could be a sign of cleansing, purification, or a time when things are becoming more clear. Transitions eBook - Amanda Linette Meder. Whatever your specific circumstance, remember: You are never given a situation to deal with that is more than you can handle.

So to end, if no one has already, welcome to the wonderful world of spiritual enigmas. These Are The Basic Steps. Add an embed URL or code. Learn more. So now, what about black smoke? So black smoke can be a sign of lower energy in the space around you, except in these two cases: - Light Spirits, when passing between a physical light source, can appear as a shadow on a wall, simply due to the physical circumstances of a denser mass, passing through a light, creating a shadow.

Negative energy is often seen as black smoke. It is a sign you have the spiritual gift of clairvoyance.The mountain witch is always conscious of behavior, natural and unnatural, while also utilizing common sense at the forefront of any situation. If the candle is burning slow or the candle flickers profusely, we first wonder what the humidity or weather is and if a window is open.

I suggest you practice putting the same sense first.

black smoke from candle spiritual meaning

Things to take into account when reading the flame : is there a draft? Take into account how loaded the candle is and the quality of the candle especially the wax. Many people have posted on social media showing their candles with the entire top on fire. They think this is good. Sadly, they are bullshitting themselves. If the candle is glass encased, see if you can tell how it was fixed.

Too much oil and herbs may affect the flame, especially if they were loaded right beneath the wic which will in turn affect the way the flame deconstructs the wax.

black smoke from candle spiritual meaning

The left is the past, the right is the future. You can also see origin of influence here also: the front shows external influence while the back would show internal influence. The closer the sign is to the center of these two parts, shows how close it is to meeting in the middle for action of some kind to take place.

For example, a mountain forms on the upper right side of the candle. This would mean there will be spiritual forces against the work. You get the idea. If the candle burns for a total of ten hours, then it may manifest in 10 hours, days, weeks, months etc.

So here are possible signs and what they mean pertaining to the flame, the wax, and the work at hand. A clean burn is when the candle burns straight down from top to bottom with little to no wax left. This shows that everything will go well with the working.

It was especially more common back in the day with tallow candles. If the soot does not reach the bottom of the glass and is only at the top, this entails that the negative influences or obstacles have been removed. If the soot does reach down to the bottom, it means the working was blocked and there are forces working against you. If the soot is only at the bottom of the glass, this shows that there are negative forces being sent your way, there is a rough road ahead, or someone may be working against you.

Divination will further narrow this down for you. Black smoke shows possible forces opposing your work or an obstacle that the candle is trying to burn through.Just as the flame can give you an indication of the situation and the possible outcomes; so too can the smoke from the candle give you insights for additional actions you may need to take. When candle is first lit; Heavy smoke - A good sign that any negative energy that is tied to the situation is being removed.

White smoke - Good indication that prayers will be answered quickly. Black smoke - There may be obstacles to overcome before prayers are answered. Candle smoke directions; These can be affected by which direction your altar is set up. These directions listed below are set up according to the altar facing the North.

The candle signs dictionary (What does it mean when my candle does that?)

North or away from you - Have patience, you may have to work to achieve what you want. Success may not come as easily or quickly as desired and the situation may get worse especially in regards to health before a favorable outcome.

Look to other omens as well for a decision. South or towards you - Prayers are likely to be answered swiftly and to your liking. A recovery of health if doing healing work. East or to your right - Thoughts, strategies and mental agility maybe be needed for a successful outcome. Review the situation for other possible outcomes or actions that may need to be taken.

West or to your left - Strong emotions involved. May be an indication that you are to emotional tied to the situation, or the situation involves unresolved emotional issues for you. This is an indication that your emotions are clouding your better judgment and are in danger of hampering or destroying your work.

When faced with this omen, take a step back and clear your mind through meditation. In my experience, candle smoke omens can occur during anytime the candle is lit but seem to be stronger once the candle has burned down. It also depends on the type of candle used, natural or beeswax candles give better results with paraffin not so much.

The art of reading the smoke or flame of a candle is an evolved form of Ceromancy. Ceromancy began as form of divination in which melted wax was poured into cold water and the form it takes was interpreted. This form of divination has expanded to include the reading of the flame, directions of the flame or smoke as well as the sounds the candle makes while burning.

More on those in another post Blessings to you all. Share Tweet Facebook. Views: Sign Up or Sign In. Liam Standish Give a Gift. Jason Fernandez Give a Gift.But did you know that you can take things even further and interpret what the future holds for you by studying the way a candle burns? Here are some simple, inexpensive and revealing ways to get the most out of your candle magic….

Green — To boost money or possessions and bring new work. White — For peace, to resolve arguments, to recover and heal. If you want an answer to a question, you can use ceromancy in this simple way. Allow it to burn then drip any wax over a pan of cold water.

As the wax falls, concentrate on your question. You may see a shape or symbol that resonates with you immediately, or you may prefer to create many shapes to gain as much clarification to your question as possible. Consult our guide below to give you inspiration, but remember nothing beats your own intuition.

Discover the secret meanings behind the wax symbols that emerge in the water. Ear: Listen for opportunities to advance in your work. Egg: There will soon be new developments in your life. The way a candle unfolds as it melts can give you insight into your question or wish. Lopsided: A candle that is too lopsided in one direction or another means you are dealing with a situation that is out of balance.

Clean burn: A clean, even burn means your intentions and wishes will be honoured. Fast burn: Your wish will be granted — and soon, but the results could be short lived.

Reading the Candle Smoke

There are too many other factors involved in your situation for a clear solution. If the soot is on only one side of the candle, this is a sign that there was a problem with the candle itself — try again! Which way is your smoke blowing? The air is reacting to your psychic energy…. Away from you: If the smoke drifts away from you, then it means you will need real determination for things to go your way. What you want may be difficult to achieve, but it is not impossible. To your left: If the smoke blows to your left, you are too emotionally involved with your wish or question to receive a true and clear answer.

Try again when you are feeling less attached to the results. To your right: Smoke blowing to your right means you are ignoring how you really feel emotionally. You need to balance your emotional and intellectual aims. The way the flame of your candle behaves can give you even more information…. If the candle burns low, there is spiritual opposition to what you wish for which needs to be cleared for your wish to be granted.

Splits in two: If your flame splits in two, there are other powerful forces at work — either human or spiritual in nature. Popping flame: If the flame makes a crackling or popping sound, it indicates conversation. Flickering: If the flame flickers, it is in touch with you on a psychic level, meaning your wish or spell has the greatest chance of success.I've posted before about black vs.

I also recall that I quoted Hoodoo Momma in that article as well. Here are some more words of wisdom from her! It is my experience that the situation will take a series of candles to clear as the spirits are fighting a battle.

They need the continued energy of the flame and perhaps an offering. Spiritual cleansings are also indicated. It is usually an strong "all systems go" from the spirit world, but can also indicate that the spell is somewhat of a mute point. It is already a done deal. Do not overlook the subtle messages. These symbols are often interpreted differently by every practitioner.

It is direct communication between you and your spirits. They know what the symbols will mean to you and that is what they are conveying. If the glass fractures, shatters or explodes, there is enemy work involved in the situation and appropriate action should be taken. They are border-line enemies or "frienemies" and may even be causing you strife with their "evil eye" envy and jealousy.

You can read her full article on the subject of candle burning signs here. She includes even more useful advice about how to read signs from candles!

Email This BlogThis! Labels: candle reading. Newer Post Older Post Home.You may notice that the wall near a candle has black smudges or that the candle holder is clouded with black residue. What you're seeing is soot, and while some amount is natural, heavy amounts of black smoke and soot are a concern and can be prevented. Small amounts of smoke and soot are natural parts of the burning process.

In a candle, the wax is the fuel and the wick is the fuel-delivery system. With well-made and properly maintained candles, the soot and smoke will be minimal, and will not leave black residue behind. Excess smoke and soot are evidence of an incomplete chemical reaction that could be caused by a variety of factors, some of which can be easily remedied. The primary cause of black smoke is an overly long wick.

When a candle burns, the wax near the flame melts and the liquid wax is pulled up the wick to feed the flame. If the wick is too long, the balance of heat and fuel will be off. This throws off the chemical reaction and can produce excess soot and smoke.

Candle Spell Reading: What does the Flame, Wax and Soot mean?

Another common cause of black smoke is a drafty environment. Candle flames flicker; it's part of their appeal. But if the flame is blowing in the wind or flickering excessively from a draft, smoke and soot may result. If you see your candle flames wavering excessively or blowing around, check for drafts. Turn off the ceiling fan. Close the window. Move the candle to a more protected spot. Keeping your candle flames away from too much moving air will help them burn more cleanly.

Since a candle is a chemical reaction, everything that goes into it can have an impact on how it burns. Different waxes burn at different temperatures and require a different wick size to burn effectively. Some colors can clog a candle wick, slowing down the fuel delivery and causing smoke.

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